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  • 5 days per week curated (from other articles, sites, memes etc) content posted to your FB Business page- all elder care, senior care, home care or hospice care specific. (If you have a niche, we will cater to that). 
  •  2 Videos per month that are yours to keep- branded to you- your colors, your phone number, your logo. 
  •  2 blog posts per month- professionally written articles that are SEO'd for your local area and for your set of services. (or more if you choose Pro Program) 
  •  We write, we post, we seo. 
  •  Social Media Accounts we manage for you include: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Google Plus 
  •  We post YOUR Content for free and SEO it for free (company news) 
  •  E-newsletter 1 time per month sent out to your contact list. 
  •  We will set up your FB Advertising so that you don't have to....but the budget is determined by YOU. 
  •  Reporting Center Access (Plus and Pro) 
  •  Tracked and Recorded Phone Line (Plus and Pro) 
  •  Reputation Management System (Plus and Pro) 
Let's be honest, this is a lot of stuff for $395* per month. 

So why haven't you taken the leap? One new client per month will more than pay for this program, plus you will be building assets that will remain for the life of your business.

Investing in yourself and your business should be one of your top priorities. Wouldn't you agree?
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-6 PowerPoint Presentations for Group Speaking
-Sample Print and FB Ads for Home Care
-12-Months of Marketing PDF
-Discharge Planner Letter
-Email this Letter to MDs
-10-Part Email Drip Campaign
-50 Blog Posting Ideas! No more excuses.
-Consumer Referral Letter
-The Definitive Guide to Marketing Your Home Care Business (AKA The 5 Shifts)
AND a monthly email with all of your marketing ideas for the upcoming month!

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*There is a one-time setup fee for all programs.